How Can I Hack YouTube To Increase My Subscribers (5 Hacks)

subscriber hacks

Reaching 1,000 subscribers can be a real struggle, as shown from these comments from my subscribers when I asked them how long it took them to reach 1,000 subscribers. "Been at it for almost three months and I'm at 433. I'm hopeful that I'll … Continue reading...

How Long Does It Take To Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers?

how long does it take to reach 1000 subs

I asked my YouTube audience. How long did it take you to get 1,000 YouTube subscribers? Here are some of their answers.... Mirus Family Multiple says just about three months. Structural engineering with Abraham says three months. Now I … Continue reading...

What Happens When You Get 1000 Subscribers On YouTube

what happens next

Congratulations on achieving 1,000 YouTube subscribers. If you also achieved 4,000 public watch hours in the past 12 months, you’ll be able to monetize your channel and start generating a passive income. In the video below, I’ll show you all the features that will now be available to you so you can grow and make […]

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How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers On YouTube (Grow Your Channel Fast)

1000 youtube subscribers

Getting your first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube is like running a marathon. You start with a series of short runs first so you can build up the stamina to reach your goal. In the video below, I’ll show you how to get your first 1,000 subscribers fast so you can join the YouTube Partner Program […]

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How To Upload A Short Video To YouTube (Phone or PC)

upload youtube shorts

I’m going to show you the fastest and easiest way to upload a short video to YouTube just using the Shorts camera on your phone so you don’t have to be sitting at your computer. Later, I’ll show you how to upload short videos you created without using YouTube short video creation tools and share […]

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Don’t Start YouTube Before Watching This (YouTube Channel Checklist)

youtube checklist

Do you check the weather before going outside in case you need a jacket? Don’t start a YouTube channel until you’ve watched the video below all the way through so you’ll know what mistakes to avoid. Here’s one of my first videos that I uploaded to my channel that was started in 2006 when I […]

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How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

get paid on youtube

Imagine making money from YouTube while you’re sleeping, on vacation at the beach or biking local trails. Wouldn’t that be sweet? For example, my channel makes thousands of dollars each year just by enabling AdSense ads on my videos. For example, this video has made $3,500 since it was published. This video has made almost […]

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How To Change Descriptions Or Titles Across All Videos On Your YouTube Channel (IN SECONDS)

bulk update youtube descriptions and titles

Imagine trying to update the description across all the videos on your YouTube channel. It would take days or even weeks, especially if you have over a 1000 videos like my channel. In the video below, you’ll learn how to change the descriptions or titles across all the videos on your YouTube channel within a […]

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Why Is My YouTube Video Not Getting Views (HOW TO FIX)

youtube video not getting views

Do you get depressed when you see little or no views on your YouTube video, especially after you’ve spent countless hours filming, editing and optimizing it? For example, why did this video only get 249 views and zero subscribers since it was published in August, and this video got over 5,500 views and 8 subscribers […]

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Do You Need 1000 Subscribers On YouTube To Get Paid (QUIT YOUR JOB)

get paid on youtube

21 years ago, I started a professional web design business where I traded time for money, and often was unable to take a few weeks off to go hiking to New Zealand or spend time at the beach with my family. Today, I have the flexibility to go on vacation, go hiking, trail riding, or […]

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