3 Ways ChatGPT Will Revolutionize YouTube In 2023 And Beyond

ChatGPT allows you to quickly and easily create professional level videos, which will take your content to the next level. In the video below, I show you 3 highly effective ways on how to use chat GPTs AI powered brain to make your video … Continue reading...

10 Proven Strategies for Growing Your YouTube Channel (#9 Might Surprise You)

killer strategies

While walking around the lake today, I thought, how many creators are stuck trying to grow their channels because their views and subs are lower than usual.  In this video, I'll be sharing the top tactics and strategies to grow a YouTube … Continue reading...

Unlock 5 Creative Ways To Use ChatGPT To Make Better YouTube Videos


Could artificial intelligence speed up the process of making YouTube videos? Let’s find out. I asked chatGPT to list out 10 niches in the fitness industry. Within a few seconds chatGPT listed out 10 niches in the fitness industry. It was even faster than what I could come up with from my own brain. In […]

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11 Trending Youtube Marketing Ideas for 2023

YouTube has still retained its long-held title of being the second most visited website on the internet, following in the footsteps of its parent company Google. 694,000 hours of video per minute videos are watched on YouTube, which is much higher than the time spent on Netflix. Mobile users are viewing 4.63 pages per visit […]

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Get More Views on Your YouTube Shorts with a Custom Thumbnail

youtube shorts thumbnail

This shorts video currently ranks number one on Google search out of 113 million results, and shows a large thumbnail at the top of the search results. It’s my top traffic source out of all the other traffic sources, but YouTube says “for now, you can’t change the thumbnail on YouTube short.” When viewed on YouTube, […]

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How To Use The YouTube Shorts Editor (MAKE SHORTS ON PHONE)

youtube shorts editor

I made this Shorts video while I was out and about using the video editing tools from the Shorts camera app on my phone. In the video below I’ll show you how to make a Shorts video right from your phone using the video editing tools from the YouTube Shorts camera app. Click here to Get My New […]

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How To Upload YouTube Shorts From PC (UPDATED FOR 2023)

upload shorts from pc

Last weekend, I was trail riding along the Anacostia River in Washington DC and wanted to capture the beautiful views by making a Shorts video. In this video, you’ll learn how to film a Shorts video using different cameras, how to upload and optimize your Shorts video, and how to publish and promote it to […]

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I Got The Community Tab Without 500 Subs

community tab

How can this dormant channel of only 22 subscribers get access to the community tab when YouTube says you need 500 subscribers? Stay tuned if you currently have a channel without 500 subscribers so you can get access to the community tab and make a deeper connection with your viewers. Click here to Get My […]

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3 Ways To Transcribe Your YouTube Video Into Text (FREE & PAID)

Transcribe video

Yesterday I was sitting in a coffee shop watching a YouTube video, but couldn’t hear what the video was saying because the noise around me drowned out the sound of the video. If the video contained subtitles or closed captions, I’d be able to read the closed captions while watching the video. In the video […]

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How To Make, Upload & Schedule Animated GIF For YouTube Community Tab (Desktop or Mobile)

Recently I was thinking, how can I make a deeper connection with my viewers and interact with them without uploading a new video.  If you have 500 subscribers, you can access the community tab and post an image, image poll, text, poll, or video. In the video below, I’m going to show you how to upload […]

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